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More than 1,100 alumni and friends helped Lakeland College celebrate its 150th anniversary on June 21-24 during the All-College Reunion, and it was a blast!

Alumni re-connected with classmates and roommates they hadn't seen in years, and met some new friends. There was music, a historical Presidential Forum former Presidents Richard Hill, David Black and Steve Gould, tons of history, award ceremonies and much, much more. We captured many of the weekend's events through photography and videos.

In addition, there were multimedia presentations about the history of athletics at Lakeland College and our international programs.

This is where you can find many of the photos and videos from the All-College Reunion. More will be added as it becomes available, so watch for that.

And, of course, thank you for being there to celebrate 150 years with us. Enjoy!

Historical Photos


See photos from the Sesquicentennial All-College reunion. If you were here, you may see yourself. If you weren't, you still might see someone you know. This gallery contains photos from the 2012 Blasters Golf Tournament, the Seasons of the Muskies Banquet, the Sesquicentennial Square, band and choir performances and more.

A Closer Look

Seasons of the Muskies

Several Lakeland College and Mission House Hall of Famers were asked to represent their decades for a video that was shown at the Seasons of the Muskies banquet - giving attendees a rare look at the history of athletics at Lakeland College. The full inteviews, as well as the final video from the Seasons of the Muskies banquet, are available here.

A Closer Look

Lakeland International

Learn more about three of Lakeland's international programs in these videos, including Germany, Spain and Lakeland College Japan.

Interactive Timeline

Lakeland College at 150

We launched our Sesquicentennial Year with this video on Jan. 1, 2012. In it, we tried to illustrate our milestone by showing other things that came about in 1862 — including the invention of the refridgerator, the introduction of plastics, the first images of the modern Santa Claus and the first bicycle.