Ruben Grosshuesch '43

One of the many stories about early Mission House athletics before the college became involved in intercollegiate athletics took place during the early 1920's.

An outstanding independent basketball team from Milwaukee heard about the success of the Mission House varsity team, who was playing independent and town teams in the Sheboygan area. The Milwaukee team challenged Mission House to a game played in Sheboygan. Arrangements were made to play the game in Eagles Hall. The Mission House team accepted the challenge. The team had to get permission from the school administration and faculty to play the game off-campus. The team was refused permission to play.

After much discussion and soul-searching, the team decided to play the game in Sheboygan. The administration, after hearing about the game, gave each one of the players and the coach a "black mark" on their record. The "black mark" appeared not only on each one's record but also on their credentials when they applied later on for a church. Students who had three "black marks" were dismissed from school. Graduates who went into the ministry carried these so-called "black marks" on their record and credentials.

These students became known as "fence jumpers." Their compensation for this venture is that they won the game against a strong Milwaukee team in the presence of a large group of Sheboygan spectators.


Rev. Ruben Grosshuesch `43


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