Alli Weiss '09

I enjoyed every minute I spent attending Lakeland College. I was an active member of the Women's soccer team, where I spent countless hours as a goalie preparing for games. During that time, I developed amazing friendships that still continue to grow. My best memory was traveling to two different states for the NCAA championship my freshmen and junior year. Those moments taught me how to handle stressful situations and maintain a professional persona.

My favorite memories come from being an active member of the Pi Kappa Gamma Sorority. I enjoyed taking on leadership roles and being involved in a variety of service projects. Those girls changed my life and I am thankful every day for taking part in such a special organization.

My professors helped me to be the educator that I am today. I have been a fifth grade teacher for the last four years, My professors were excellent role models and push me to my limits, in order to prepare me for this career. I wouldn't be where I am today without them.

Lakeland College is more than just a college, it a place where teenagers become adults with careers. Every time I am given the opportunity to travel back to Lakeland, I enter the school with pride. For this is the place that I will forever call home!...LC YOU KNOW!!


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