Carol Kley Garnett '65

When I started college, I walked to school from Profville with my dad who was on the Mission House faculty. In 1962, my family moved with Mission House to Minnesota, leaving me all alone at college at last! I loved living in Krueger Hall, even though the rules, by today's standards especially, were really strict (no boys beyond the lobby, signing in and out, etc.). Not only did we not have computers in our rooms (or anywhere else), but we did not have phones or TVs in our rooms. However, we did play a lot of bridge and we were fed very well by the Lakeland cooks! I don't think I missed a meal!

I thought the academic part of a small school would mean it would be easy, but Botany, Statistics, and yes, Creative Art for Children were real challenges for me. I changed my major from Elementary Ed to Sociology due partly to the influence of Prof. Hildahl and despite the comments of my mother, who said "nice girls are nurses or teachers, not social workers!" I graduated in 1965 and was hired shortly thereafter by the Sheboygan County Dept. of Social Services (then the Welfare Dept.), thinking that Sheboygan would be a nice, safe place to start my social work career. I quickly found that Sheboygan County has its share of problems and poverty. I was there 35 years before I retired, working mostly in child protective services. Over the years, I have served on numerous boards (Big Sisters, DeLand Receiving Home, Hearthside, etc.), all related to social work in some way. I had hoped to continue such volunteer work in my retirement, but health problems have recently prevented that.

I loved my time at Lakeland and really was not ready to graduate and leave the place! Although my roles as a mother and grandmother are the greatest parts of my life, being at Lakeland is right up there too!


Happy 150th Anniversary to my alma mater!

Carol Kley Garnett

Class of 1965


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