Laura Banks '07

I was at the Milwaukee Campus in West Allis. My favorite memory was being able to see how serious many of the students were about their education. All of us came together as one to help each other out with different projects.

The flexibility of my classes inspired me most as a student. We had class one night a week. If I wasn’t able to come to class that night, I was able to complete my coursework online for the week. This blend-ed opportunity kept me from feeling overwhelmed with work.

Since graduation, I have worked in the IT department of an Alcohol & Drug Abuse company, bought a house and had another child. These have been my proudest moments. I have also volunteered at Lion of Judah Church, helping serve food to homeless people and handing out clothes.

My Lakeland College education has had a huge impact on my life. I learned that education can both open and close our minds. My Lakeland education also forced me to socialize with other people, even when it was uncomfortable. This has enhanced my ability to communicate effectively.

In my professional life, I know that I am able to accomplish whatever I put my mind to. I always focus on dedicating my time to, and working diligently towards, my career goals. Thanks to my Lakeland education, I know that whatever sacrifices I make to achieve those goals are worth making.


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