Jim Mohr '67

I attended Lakeland during the mid-sixties when the campus began to expand a bit with addition of the Campus Center in 1964. Until then we had eaten our meals in the basement of Jubilee. Of course we missed breakfast most of the time because it was only served at the early hour of 7:00 or so.


Some of my fondest memories include writing a paper on the medieval inquisition during a winterim course taught by Mr. Short, playing pool just above my room (#319) in the Zeta Chi fraternity room, squeezing into that room with two other "PKs" (Dave Norenberg and Mark Grams) in a triple bunk bed (and trying to stay warm in spite of the wind whipping through the cracks in the windows), exploring the greater Midwest on choir tours in February, practicing for track meets by running along County Trunk M or around the old football field, playing plastic flute next to Jerry Bernardo in the Zeta Chi jug band, serving on the Campus Center Board with people like Bud Barger, and beginning a life-long relationship with Karen Nelson while playing sheepshead over a suitcase waiting to be loaded on the choir tour bus.


It's fun to return to campus and see how much it has expanded and improved.

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