Evelyn (Hauptman) Macomber

I moved on-campus in 1944 and was secretary to then-president Paul Grosshuesch. Nelson Hauptman and I were married in 1945. He graduated from the college and entered the seminary. In 1948, Nelson graduated  from the seminary and took up his first church, St. Paul's Evangelical and Reformed Church, in Attica, New York.

Nelson passed away in 1953. He suffered through a cancerous brain tumor and died that May. He was much revered by the congregation. Though I remarried, I have remained a member of that same church all these years.

I have been in contact with Carroll and Marilyn Olm through all their years, and thus have heard of the Lakeland sesquicentennial plans for 2012.

I am very proud of my relationship with Lakeland College, though it has been many years. I am now 88 and my memory of all the people I knew back then is very good.



Evelyn (Hauptman) Macomber


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