Dorothy Mohr '42

The United States was involved in World War II throughout my college years. So, the number of students attending college was very low. I think there were only 20 some girls attending Lakeland at that time. I attended Mission House College 1938-1940. After two years I transferred to Milwaukee State Teachers College, getting my degree in 1942. Upon graduation I taught kindergarten in Merrill, Wisconsin for two years. I met my husband, George Mohr, while attending Mission House.

George was a student at Mission House for eleven years. He attended the Academy for four years, living with the Dr. Karl Ernst family for those years. He then moved into the men's dormitory while he attended college for four years and then the seminary for three years.

We were married in 1944 and he served churches in Waukegan, Illinois for seven years,  then in St. Paul, Minnesota for seven years. We then moved to Sheboygan where he served Zion UCC for 25 1/2 years. We were due to retire in June 1984 to the home we had purchased at Cedar Lake. However, he died of a heart attack December 27, 1983. Since that time, I have lived in a condo I purchased in Sheboygan and I recently celebrated my 90th birthday.

The Mohr family and Zion UCC in Sheboygan have had a long relationship with Mission House/Lakeland College. Our three sons all attended Lakeland; two graduated from there--Jim in 1967 and Bill in 1970. My husband George graduated from Lakeland College and Seminary; his father, John Mohr, attended Mission House and then graduated from a seminary in Ohio. My son Jim, my husband George and his father John Mohr were all ministers in the UCC.

Zion UCC in Sheboygan also had a long relationship with Mission House/Lakeland. The first minister of what was originally Zion Reformed Church became the first president of Mission House--he was Rev. H.A. Muehlmeier. Dr. Paul Grosshuesch was Zion's minister before becoming president of Mission House in 1952. Dr. Morland, president of Lakeland, was a member of Zion UCC. Zion UCC in Sheboygan was instrumental in building the chapel at Lakeland. Several of the professors at Mission House/Lakeland were members of Zion UCC in Sheboygan. Over all these years there was always a close association between Mission House/Lakeland and Zion UCC Sheboygan.

I was an active member of the Lakeland Women's Auxiliary up until it disbanded a few years ago. Throughout those years, I served as President, Secretary and Treasurer. I have continued to show my interest in Lakeland by supporting it each year, being a charter member of the 1862 Society.


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