Christine Roehler '84

We have all heard it, the older we get the more we resemble our parents. As I edge closer to the half-century mark, the more my life seems to parallel my grandfather's aspirations. My grandfather, Arthur Steffen, was born in 1897 when Lakeland College had only been in existence for 36 years. During Arthur's mid teens, he was part of a crew hired to paint Mission House. While scraping boards and painting the exterior of Old Main, Arthur yearned to be a part of the learning that was occurring within the walls of this little school in the country. During those formative teenage years of dreaming and planning, my grandpa had a strong desire to feed his academic ambitions at Mission House. But, like all of us experience at some time, his motivations didn't  match up to what he was aiming for. Arthur's Mission House education wasn't going to happen for him; rather, he would have his hopes fulfilled by his youngest granddaughter some eighty years later! Since my graduation from Lakeland, my aim in life has been so similar to that of Grandpa Steffen. He was a strong proponent of using your talents to serve the needs of your community. My grandpa may not have received the degrees and distinctions I have earned as a teacher, but Arthur Steffen painted the strokes of ambition at Mission House that summer so that I can say I am a proud 1984 Lakeland College alumna!


Christine Strains-Roehler '84


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