Gerald Hollenbeck '58

Three memories come to mind. The first two are of the tours with the college band and the tours with the choir. In my days, these were week-long trips. Great fun, great PR for the school. The third great memory was my being named Winter Carnival King.

Profs. W. Henry Ellerbusch and E.P. Theissen were who, not what, inspired me. Their dedication to their students was truly wonderful. They taught us things which could not be found in books--only through experience. This they imparted to us.

My teaching has all been in the state of Wisconsin, but quite varied. I've been able to teach in a public high school, a private high school (military academy) and a middle school. In all schools, I was in the music department.

Lakeland gave me the solid foundation upon which I was able to build my graduate degree.


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