Donna Wilson '60

Change and transition--those are the words that best describe my college years. Some were my choice; some were determined by others.

I came to Mission House.

I graduated from Lakeland.

I came to major in mission work.

I graduated as an education major.

I came to know the President, Dr. Arthur Krueger.

I later worked for President John Morland.

I came as a commuter.

I later lived in Krueger Hall.

I came single.

I graduated married.

I came to spend four years.

I dropped out to be the wage earner, returning later to graduate.


The constant in this change and transition was all the learning that occurred, the professors who impacted my educational progress, the experiences that are part of college life, and the lifelong friendships developed through it all.


Post-graduation included first teaching in the area, moving, parenting, and eventually an unplanned but necessary return to the classroom, both as student and teacher. I spent 31 years in secondary education, blessed with the opportunity to have both challenging and wonderful students sit in my classroom. I worked with gifted students, remedial students, and those in between, but all with potential to learn and to build relationships. Some succeeded; some did not. Some left with no further contact; some still communicate with me today. Besides students, there were colleagues from whom I learned, there were endless committees upon which I served, there were years spent as the department chair, and there were recognitions such as Teacher of the Year and the Human Relations Award.


Now life is less demanding with lesser responsibility, but not fewer activities. So through all and in all, from college graduation to retirement, there was, and still is, learning. Isn't that what life is supposed to be? Shouldn't that always be our goal?


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