Victor Carman '52

I attended Milwaukee School of Engineering from March 1948 to March 1950. At that time I was engaged to Patricia Schnaith, who had attended Lakeland and wished to qualify in elementary education, which Lakeland did not offer at that time. Therefore, she transferred to Milwaukee State Teachers College. I told her I realized I did not wish to become an engineer, but wanted to be a teacher. She suggested that I apply to Lakeland, and I was accepted for admission. Pat and I were married in June 1950, and we had obtained a motor home, which we parked on campus behind Bossard Hall. I don't remember many of my classes at Lakeland, but I recall Rev. Schmidt taking us through Acts. My most memorable prof was Dr. Robert Voight. In high school I was bored with American History. However, Dr. Voight was so dynamic in making American History come alive, that since then I have been interested in every aspect of our nation's history. While Pat and I were at Lakeland, her brother, Raymond, and sister, Norma also attended.

At Lakeland I took part in several activities. I joined Mu Lambda Sigma, and in my 2nd year became president of this fine organization. I had roles in a few plays put on by the Campus Players, usually playing the role of father. I also served on the Spectrum (yearbook) staff. I did my student teaching at Plymouth High School, where Naomi Krueger, daughter of our college president, was one of my students. Since I took a heavy academic load, I completed my required course work by January 1952. I was awarded the Bachelor of Science degree on June 1, 1952. In January 1952, we towed our trailer out of the snow from Lakeland to Madison, where I began graduate studies.


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