Jerry Wagner '89

In the fall of 1984, a friend and I made the drive to Lakeland College from Door County on a very foggy Saturday morning to watch the football team play Eureka College. That would be the day that set a course of events in motion that would broaden my horizons beyond the small town that I had spent the first 17 years of my life in. A decision to commit to Lakeland College and play football was reached on the subsequent ride home (for me and not my friend). In the spring of 1989, I walked away with a college degree, and four years of competitive athletics that taught me more than any classroom experience could. I learned a lot about the importance of team, discipline, leadership, dedication, competition, and what it meant to win and lose. All of these have conditioned me to function in a sales arena, and understand what it takes to succeed in a business environment for the past 21 years. To express in any more detail what those four years meant with the group of fellow players, coaches, families that were at Lakeland College at that time is impossible. Each fall when the weather starts to turn, and certain songs can be heard playing on the radio, I often think of Lakeland College and that foggy day that changed me for the better forever.

Thank you for a wonderful experience.

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