Sarah Wall '05

I was driving with my mother and one of my closest high school friends (and future Muskie) Patrice Pettigrew on my way to visit Lakeland College. I had been thinking about larger schools in Wisconsin, but decided to give Lakeland a try. I am from a suburb of Milwaukee and was raised a "city girl". When we got off I-43 to venture into a world that was foreign to me, a world of cows, farms and the smell of manure, I looked at Patty and my mom and said "Nope. There's no chance. I'm not going to school out here in the sticks."

Upon arriving at the campus and meeting Coach April Arvan, Coach Jane Bouche, and fellow Muskies Quinn Klebansky, Traci Peterson and others, I immediately changed my thoughts on this institution. I no longer viewed it as a hick school in the middle of nowhere; I viewed it as a personal, lively, caring community that I knew I should be a part of. I was so glad that I chose Lakeland because the people I met, the education I received and the memories I made, will be treasured for a lifetime. :)


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