Harry Stroessner '52

Valuable Indian Heritage

My wife Bonnie, besides being a student for one year at Mission House before we were married, has another Mission House connection. Many years ago, one of the Mission House professors took about a 17-mile hike to lead a church in worship. On his way back, he got tired and rested under a tree in a snow storm...and fell asleep! He could have frozen to death except that he was found by a group of Indians who took him back to Mission House. The grateful professors gave the Indians tobacco, something I had to do at All Nations when I wanted to ask an Indian Holy Man questions about his religious beliefs. The professors decided to send a missionary to the Indians, which they eventually did among the Winnebago's (Ho-Chunks). Bonnie's grandparents, John & Martha Stacy, were the first converts and John Stacy worked with the missionary to translate the four Gospels, Acts, Genesis & Exodus 20 into the Winnebago language. John Stacy also served as a lay preacher at the Mission Church.


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