Vernon Jaberg '44

My memory serves me to tell of the fact that my father, Rev. Elmer C. Jaberg, came to the campus of MH Academy-College-Seminary in the Fall of 1914 from Salem Reformed Church in Magley, Indiana. He had an 8th-grade diploma, $100, and a new set of clothes. He spent 9 years on the campus of what is now Lakeland College.

I became a student at MHS in the fall of 1944 and the faculty was composed of four/five professors: Ernst, Hessert, Friedli, Fledderjohn, and President Paul Grosshuesch. Classes were all in Old Main (which now has an elevator). Our tuition fees were provided by the E and R Church. Room & board cost us $500. Such a deal!

Dr. Karl Ernst had great lectures and could be firm and demanding, even in English Bible in college. He shared with us at Moon Beach Camp in 1957. He taught us how to live “under God."

Dr. Josias Friedli taught Church History and made it come alive. He served as Interim President of the three schools. He preached at Ebenezer Church each Maundy Thursday evening. He was loved and appreciated for his style and inclusive spirit.

Dr. Louis Hessert taught dogmatic theology and the Heidelberg Catechism. He was a very disciplined scholar and professor. The light came on in his office/study in the early hours of the morning as he prepared to teach/preach. He had been the pastor of Zion Reformed Church in Decatur, Indiana. A beloved man in every way.

Dr. Ernst Fledderjohn came to MHS from Grace Reformed Church in Chicago and shared his experiences as he taught Practical Theolog, preaching/teaching. He asked me to bring the Sunday school materials being used at Ebenezer to help us appreciate that it is an important part of the parish ministry. It was good and important!

Dr. Paul Grosshuesch, President of MHC/MHS, had been pastor of Zion in Sheboygan and St. Paul's in St. Paul, MN. He represented the schools very well and was a good preacher and family man. I well recall his messages to graduating students in 1944 and 1947. He died in an auto accident in Iowa in 1949 with his brother Calvin.

I served on the MHS Board of Trustees from 1959-62 and on the UTS Board from 1962-66. Six pastors (all MHS grads) would attend the Theological Convocations at UTS from 1962-82 (circa). This was an opportunity to renew friendships and hear great lectures. Ruben Grosshuesch, Hilton Grams, Charles Koch, Lowell Ferguson, George Mohr & I were called “The Sheboygan Mafia."


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