Harvey Williams '63

Old Main


We thought Old Main to be a wonderful, inspiring piece of Lakeland literature which stirs the heart and elevates fond memories of Old Main and Lakeland. Read Harvey Williams' beautiful work below and then ask yourselves: “Should this not have a place right next to those opening lines of our Alma Mater: 'Can you tell why my heart is set a-swinging? With a vibrant motion each recurring fall?'"

OLD Main

A square spired tower

Alternately exchanging a cap of

Unsullied snow for ancient moss


Wandering waxed ivy leaves

Scrabbling with tentacled fingers

Up weather veined brick


Scalloped stair edges

Being worn by innumerable feet

Into comfortable depressions


Patina polished newel posts

Carelessly caressed by passing hands

That hold the future


Latin lettered specimens

Holding court in glass cases

Past due their date with dust


Hushed half tone chalkboards

Thrown into relief by Yaveh

The Alpha and the Omega


Watchful window eyes

Catching and reflecting

The sun's nerve endings


Silent shadows rise up

And like a tide erase

The sandcastles of another day


Memory mists and blurs

You remember us as yours


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