Dr. George Thilking '47

Toes Pointed Straight Ahead: A Lesson

Memories are strange sometimes. Rev. Ruben Grosshuesch '43 coached the track team, which I tried out for. Ruben, you told me I could run the hurdles faster if I kept my toes pointed forward/straight ahead! Good advice, even for running hurdles in life instead of on the track. I think I did better off the track than on it!

Snipes and Paddles

I have a vague memory of Zeta Chi initiation. One trick was to escort a pledge way out in the woods and ask him to sit by a certain tree and hold a gunny sack open to attract “snipes." I think that was the word. The other Zetas returned to the dorm and the pledge eventually gave up and came back, without any snipes, since no such creature existed!

Then there was the paddle we each had to make for upper classmen to use. This was not fun--wicked, I would say!

The Hidden Piece of Pie

My recollection is of those wonderful Sunday noon dinners--staples being Swiss steak, mashed potatoes and a vegetable. Dessert was a piece of pie--one piece per student intended.

There was the unidentified student who put his plate with a piece of chocolate pie on his lap under the white tablecloth. He requested another piece of pie and the waitress brought him another serving. About that time, the chocolate pie slipped off of his lap and got on his trousers and the floor. Everyone around him laughed heartily!

Of course a pre-seminary student wouldn't lie in order to get an extra piece of pie! Who could it be, since most of the men there were 4-Ds deferred from the wartime draft? Is there anyone reading this who would like to confess at this late date?


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