Bill Mohr '70

My freshman class in the fall of 1966 had 17 PK's in it, but at least half of them were someplace else by the next year, when they chose where they wanted to go. You check the numbers, I'm not sure. Was it 17 of us PK's, there on PK scholarships, and sent there by our preacher families?


Anyway, Lakeland ended up as the best place for me. I was terribly shy, particularly of the opposite sex. It took me 43 years to get over that part of my shyness and finally get married, to a former AFS student from South High, my old high school. Lakeland allowed me to participate in so many more activities than did a big high school like South. I was in cross country and track all four years, as well as choir, and even some wrestling. I have had many lasting friendships from both sports and choir. The small classes and campus made it a much better place for me to study! The campus life and dormitory living were perfect for me. By far, Lakeland was the best school for me!

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