Memories from Loren Tiede

I enjoy the stories of the antics of the MH boys. I took over for Calvin Helming as Dean of Students in 1964. I was a rookie, expecting no problems since I was at a "church"-sponsored college, only to discover that the MH tradition of pranks continued! My early cases included a pie raid in the kitchen (the culprit was a student from Bremen, IN where I taught), an apple raid on a nearby orchard and the trimming of the tail of my neighbor's riding horse! Needless to say, I apprehended the pranksters and suggested some alternative behaviors. It was a mystery to them, how I was able to find them. I couldn't reveal the fact that “I had been there and done that," HA. For more serious misdemeanors, I gave them two choices--they had the choice of going home by plane or train. Fortunately, most decided to adopt alternative behavior. The kids called me Inspector Erskine.

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