In Memory of Carl Serr '49

Almost a Streaker

I hate to reveal this story, since it involves a really good friend and a man who turned out to be a wonderful minister. He wrote a statement about why he was a UCC minister that was theologically sophisticated and truly eloquent. I'm talking about Carl Serr '49, who came to Mission House from South Dakota and was my frequent opponent in basketball practices.

In any case, it was spring and we were out doing time trials as members of the track team. Carl was at the starting line and due to get a time trial in the hurdles. He was resisting but finally, with everyone's urging, took off his warm up pants. We knew, then, the reason for his hesitation. He had only slipped on his jock strap, not aware of what was planned for the afternoon. He ran, in any event, and really zipped through the event! Sorry Carl!

Eugene Jaberg '46

Questionable Poetry

A fragment of aged yellowed paper, as Carl Mohr said, "looking like the Dead Sea scrolls," lies next to my computer. It was found along with cherished pictures of Mission House College athletic teams. At the top of the page it says: "Poetry by Carl Serr." Carl may or may not have composed them, but he certainly compiled them. Memory tells me Carl submitted the page for publishing in the Mission House Mirror the year I was editor.

Mary had a little lamb,

Its fleece was white as snow.

She took it once to Pittsburgh --

And now look at the darn thing.


And here's a little German poem I learned a long time ago.

Once there was a little girl

And her name was Nellie,

She went wading in the bay

Til the water came up to her knees.

It doesn't rhyme because the water wasn't any deeper.


Surely we all remember Carl, the values he held and the many ways he contributed to our campus days.

Carroll J. Olm '46

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