Betty Stahl Schoonover '50

I came to Mission House in 1946, the year that returning WWII veterans enrolled in the school. It made a BIG difference!

A group of us girls were watching football practice and some of the players came to talk to us. There was one nice looking young man who gave me his ring to hold. I told him that he'd have to come to the dorm and pick it up. That was the start of a 62-year love affair.

The football team were Badger State Conference co-champions that year. There is a life-size picture of my husband, Bob Schoonover #77, blocking for quarterback Danny Zunter on the wall of the gym.

Bob worked 36 years for the Post Office. He refereed 25 years for WIAA football, basketball and baseball. He also served as head usher at the Waupun Methodist Church for many years. Bob and I were married 62 years. He was 88 when his Lord called him home on September 16, 2010.

Today, I am 82. I have been President of the Waupun Memorial Hospital Auxiliary 3 times, President of Church Women United of Waupun Area and President of United Methodist Women. I do publicity and posters also. We have three children who all graduated from college and three grandchildren with Master's Degrees. Bob & I had a good foundation at Mission House.

I remember the bridge, the pond and the many walks through the woods and along the river. I remember that our food in the dining room was prepared by farmer's wives--good food and preserves like jelly, applesauce and homemade bread. I remember that the professors lived on campus in a circle-like block, and they were always available to us. I especially remember my German professor, who told us lots of interesting things about Germany. His wife was an opera star there. He had a really good voice and would sing short arias.

We had religion class twice a week and chapel every day. Bob was a Zeta Chi and we went to many of their events. We had a wonderful life together and I praise God for His blessings.

 Remembering Mission House/Lakeland College...

Sincerely yours,

Betty (Stahl) Schoonover '50


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