Emily Rendall-Araujo '11

Of all the Lakeland stories I could think to write about, I am reminded of an important one every time I look down. I will continually be reminded of this event every time I look down for the rest of my life!

All-State Collegiate Honor's Choir is always a fun time. Hosted in Madison, 2009's choir was no different. Finishing a rehearsal one late afternoon, our group discussed how we could spend our evening. Several activities were thrown out, and as a joke, someone suggested we all get tattoos. Suddenly, the joke changed from funny to serious, and our group headed to the tattoo parlor.

With Professor Herrick in tow, six of us took turns under the needle, each leaving with a treble clef on a different body part. I won't name names (as some still haven't told their parents!), but that night, the six of us founded the "Treble Clef Club", of which few have been allowed membership since.


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