Wayne Stroessner '56

Recruiting "Mulberry"

In my senior year, our football squad had difficulty getting enough people for a scrimmage. If you check with the '56 annual, there are only 25 players on the roster. I was student body president that year and student officers were responsible for setting up activities to introduce the new freshman class to our campus a week prior to school starting.

Ralph Guenther '56, Lloyd Fried '56, Gene Thieleke '58 and I knew that our football squad was going to be short in numbers so we worked on the unsuspecting new freshman arrivals. We noticed a rather sturdy looking, congenial person that we thought would be a good candidate. However, he said that he never played football. We believed him when we noticed he was trying to put his hip pads on backwards. This freshman came from Mulberry, Indiana, and during freshman orientation week he picked up the name "Mulberry" because he was always referring to his hometown.

"Mulberry," also known as Lynn Gaylor, was our savior that year because he helped provide enough bodies for a full scrimmage during practice. He also turned out to be a rather good football player. That was the same year that the Muskies were co-champs.

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