Rev. Henry Heinbuch '46

After the Farm, the Pulpit

My late husband, Rev. Henry Heinbuch '46, was a student at the Mission House Seminary in the late 1940's. Henry came to serve my home church in Scotland, South Dakota as an intern student between his last 2 years of seminary. To earn some additional money that summer, he also did some farm labor for my father, Carl Neth. Henry worked in the harvest fields, shocking and pitching bundles for threshing. HARD WORK! In those days, between his summer jobs and his job in the campus bookstore and soda shop, Henry was always able to earn enough money to pay for each year's schooling.

While working at my parents' farm, Henry watched, with great interest, the watermelon patch that was growing there. That fall, they had the biggest and best crop of melons ever experienced in all of their years of farming. I believe it was Augie and Maybelle Ritterhaus, parents of Marilyn (Olm) '47 and Becky (Felix) '49, who were going from SD to visit their daughters at Mission House. They agreed to fill their truck with watermelons from my parents' melon patch to take to Henry. He & his roommate, Don Steinhardt '46, covered the floor in their dorm room with layers of newspaper and hosted a watermelon feed!

Norma (Neth) Heinbuch


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