A Cappella Choir Memories from Rev. Bob Miller '59

I am sure I do not have all the historic detail in perfect place, but I was privileged to be part of the successor to the Troubadors, the A Capella Choir. Formerly all men, it was now SATB. We sang in area churches and, in the spring from 1956-59, we did a 16-day tour each year in a different direction. While on tour, we stayed in church member's homes. There are so many good stories to be told, details done better by those whose memory has lasted longer than mine. I had the humbling experience of soloing with the choir and still have that recording. Now, if I could just find a 78 disk player to play it! That kind of touring was done during my three years of seminary as well, till 1962 when Mission House was no more.

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