Intramural Football Memories from Rev. Bob Long '56

It was a chilly and beautiful fall day. There was excitement in the air, but not as much as when the varsity team played. It was the day the Zeta and Sigma Intramural teams were going to play a football game. I there as a fan of the Zeta Chi team. Time for the game arrived and somehow, despite all of my protests, I was on the field as a linesman. Now, Clay City, Indiana (where I hailed from) did not have a football team. All I knew to do was to stop the Mu Lambda Sigma player across from me; at that point, he seemed like a giant. After the opening kick off by the Sigma team, the Zeta team hiked the ball and the player across from me knocked me flat on the ground. Every bone in my body seemed to scream with hurt. I didn't want to get up, but pride finally prevailed. I had to survive, but how? As the football was hiked, I got the jump on my opponent and knocked him flat to the ground. He didn't seem very eager to get up, but he did. Thereafter, the Mu Lambda Sigma player and this Zeta Chi player bumped into each other firmly, but not with the gusto of the first two plays. That is the way I remember the game and I am not going to tell who won it.

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