Calvin Helming '51

Campus Life of a Campus Minister

I was called by Lakeland to serve as Campus Minister, Dean of Students and Foreign Student Advisor. In my fourth and last year at Lakeland, Loren Tiede became the Dean of Students, and I became Director of the Student Centers, which had just been built. In those four years I was on campus, we had chapel services every morning, five days a week, in the old gymnasium. Henry Ellerbusch played the piano and faculty & staff of the Seminary and College led the chapel services. We had a few of the nearby ministers lead services as well. The Seminary faculty and staff participated only in the first of my four years. It was in 1962 that the Seminary left the campus, becoming the United Seminary of the Twin Cities. One of the experiences I had with the foreign students, who came mostly from Ghana, was being asked to speak at some of the groups in Sheboygan about our foreign students.

My experiences at Lakeland/Mission House were very enriching and helped to prepare me eventually to serve in Student Affairs at the University of Wisconsin--La Crosse for 16 years. Of course, one of the key experiences on the campus was witnessing the separation of the College and Seminary, with the Seminary changing its name and location in 1962.


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