In Memory of Delbert Kauffman '46


Thanks to Del Kauffman for all those haircuts! I had a lot of sandy/reddish hair in those days. It has been solid white for many years! What did we pay you, Del? If at all! - Carroll J. Olm '46

Someone sold his used single head electric razor to me for $1.00. I think he was a G.I. student (1946-47). He was "rich" enough to get a new dual head razor, probably In the Army Canteen before he was discharged! - George Thilking '47

I well remember the days and time I spent in the barbershop. One day in particular, when I nipped a piece off Dean Ley's ear. I received 30 cents per haircut until about my last year, when I got 40 cents. - Delbert Kauffman '46


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