Paul Aultman '41

The following is an excerpt from SNIPPETS, a publication of the Southwest Ohio Northern Kentucky Association, part of the United Church of Christ--Ohio Conference:

In December 1941 when first-year seminary student Paul Aultman delivered his very first sermon, he had no idea that he would still be in the pulpit 68 years later. He remembers being nervous that Sunday morning, despite the fact that he would be preaching at his home church, Zwingli Church in Monticello, WI, where he had been baptized and confirmed, and where everyone knew him and his parents, Paul and Anna Aultman. It was difficult to tell who was more jittery, Paul or his mother. Leaving for church that morning, which happened to be Paul's 22nd birthday, his mother was so full of nervous excitement that she forgot to put her shoes on and ended up attending the service in bedroom slippers.

Giving sermons must have agreed with him because 65 years of ordained ministry later, Paul Aultman is still at it. Preaching is now second nature to him and something he has done upwards of 6,000 times, and almost exclusively in southwest Ohio.

A 1944 graduate of Mission House Theological Seminary in Wisconsin, where he was a classmate of the first SONKA Association Minister Clayton Rammler, Pastor Paul was once active in the Order of St. Luke the Physician and introduced a Thursday night healing service at St. Luke in Cincinnati, to which people from other denominations and from as far away as Dayton came regularly.

As to the future, Pastor lightheartedly remarks, "I'll keep on until I can't do it anymore." That is, if his parishioners will ever let their beloved preacher go.

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