Ernest Klaudt '40

My memorable moment:

Around 6pm, a fellow seminarian came to our dormitory room in Jubilee Hall and informed me and my roommate that we were at war. The Japanese had just attacked Pearl Harbor.

We immediately turned on our radio. All stations were filled with hysterical broadcasts. Around 9pm, the War Department asked that all lights in the USA be turned off so that no help would be given to Japanese bombers seeking to bomb us. We not only complied, but periodically stepped outside to listen for incoming bombers. The campus was cemetery-like in its quietness. We, in our prewar naivety, thought we were in grave danger. Hysteria does strange things to all of us.

Later in the war, the War Department, in an effort to conserve material, ordered that men's slacks could no longer have cuffs. Upon hearing this, one of our seminarians took all of his slacks to a tailor and had them de-cuffed to give the impression that he had a new wardrobe.


Ernest "Swampy" Klaudt `40

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