Freshman Antics in the '40s from Vernon Jaberg '44

I recall a Homecoming when our class prepared for a big fire. We collected wood and paper for the fire. At midnight, someone knocked on my door and said, "Get up a take a look!" The fire was burning and had been set by the sophomores. Prof. Schweitzer excused us from English and we prepared again for the Homecoming fire.

I also recall that the freshmen were required to wear green “beanies" on campus until May Day. The faculty decided no flags, but the coeds made a flag out of a bed sheet with "Class of 1944" written on it in bold green paint. We hoisted that bed sheet flag to the top of the flagpole at 3 AM. We used a seat to raise the flag high enough that no ladder could bring it down. We hid the seat under a nearby bridge.


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