Leon Sanville '60

In September of 1959 I came to Lakeland College as a graduate of UWM. I had gone to California with a BS degree that helped me to get a job but didn't really prepare me for too much. My year at Lakeland enabled me to add to my credits in education (secondary teaching) and, by September 1960, put me into the classroom in Antigo, Wisconsin. From there I came back to Sheboygan County and spent the last 36 years of my career as a high school teacher, librarian, senior class adviser and whatever else was expected of me. For whatever reason, I have been considered a 1960 graduate of Lakeland College. That is truly an honor.

Without exaggerating, Lakeland provided me with a lifetime job and career. I distinctly remember Robert Le Roy, Dr. Cyril Grace and Dr. Jarvis Burner for three very different reasons. Each in his own way left me with stories to tell and, of course, made the 1959-1960 school year one of the most important years of my life.

Thanks again, Lakeland College. Happy 150th!


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