Kimberly Jacobson '05

I was a full-time student of Lakeland College's Adult Learning Center in Milwaukee. After receiving my Associate's degree from MATC in Milwaukee, I took a job as a full-time paralegal at a small law firm in Milwaukee. After 3 years there, I realized that, although I was enjoying what I was doing, I had little opportunity for advancement either within the firm or outside. Part of the problem was my lack of further education. In order to advance, I needed a Bachelor's degree at a minimum, but I also needed to be able to work full-time while pursuing that goal. This is what brought me to Lakeland.


While attending the adult campus in Milwaukee, I made many friends, had great instructors/teachers, and got to have part of that college experience that I had never had before. I loved being in classes with people in the same position/life circumstance as myself. I managed to maintain high honors at Lakeland, while working full-time and taking care of a household, which is an accomplishment that I am very proud of. Everyone on the staff, as well as the students who attended class with me, was very supportive & did all they could to help each individual succeed. What an amazing experience!


Since graduating from Lakeland in 2005 with high honors & a double major in Accounting and Business Administration, I have taken a new position, still as a paralegal, with a large corporation's legal department. This move would not have been possible without my education from Lakeland! This job change led to many other improvements in my life, including a move to rural area of Racine where I own a home on 8 acres & have horses in my backyard - another lifelong dream of mine! Although not a major accomplishment to some, this is all I need keep me happy as I continue to strive to better myself! I love my job & my life and am proud to say that Lakeland played a large part in both!



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