Eleanor Woldt Skatrud Zoerb '48

Having gone to the University of Wisconsin extension in Manitowoc, I came to Mission House as a sophomore. Bossard Hall was the underclass dorm. Room 12 was my assigned room. It was so slanted I had to be careful how I placed things on my desk since they would roll off onto the floor.

Sophomore Potato Day was devoted to harvesting potatoes for Mission House consumption. We were excused from classes and worked in the potato field. It was something different.

My junior year allowed me, as an upperclassman, to live in the Annex. (The Annex is now an office building, originally the President's home.) My roommate, Marion Meyer, and I lived in the kitchen, sink and all. In my junior year, something happened during winter semester test week. After the noon meal, I thought I'd rest before my next class. I looked at the ceiling from my top bunk and there was water coming out of the light fixture (steam!) and I was right under it. I called to Marion and we pushed the bunks away. It turned out that the students in the room above us had left the window open and the pipes froze! It was a day before we could move back into the room.

Another happening in my junior year took place in Jubilee Hall, which served as the boys' dorm and the dining room. Before cafeteria-style meals, we were assigned seats with a seminary student at each end of the table. For some reason, I was assigned to the football training table. When I opened my eyes after the prayer, all the food was on the players' plates and nothing was left in the serving dishes! After that, the seminarian and I decided to take our portions of food before the prayer.

When the A Cappella Choir visited Churchill Downs, I ran around the track so I could say that I ran a Churchill Downs.

Another happening also was on choir tour. The concert was over. It was a cloudy, windy night. Delores Kobes (Moeschberger) and I walked up the tree-lined driveway, greeted by two elderly maiden women. The minute I entered the house, I smelled gas. The women said that their furnace had been checked, but I could still smell gas. We were shown our room and were told that their parents had died in it recently. A bathroom adjoined the bedroom. Cold water came out of the hot water faucet and vice-versa. I still smelled gas, so we thought we would open the window. It was nailed shut. Well, I thought, if I person was going to die, being on choir tour would be a good time to do so. So we went to bed. Before drifting off, I opened my eyes and screamed. There was a luminous cross on the wall. I went to sleep and woke up to a sunny day. Our ladies gave us a good breakfast and saw us on our way. But I still smelled gas.

The last event that stands out in my memory is the Saturday before graduation. That day, I was walking from Old Main to Founders Gym, where graduation would be held the following day. Here was Dr. Paul Grosshuesch, President of Mission House, mowing the lawn to get rid of the dandelions, making it nice for our graduation.


"No matter where I roam, a place that's always home."


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