Victoria Frank '03

I spent five years at the Sheboygan campus during the 1990s and those were some of the best years of my life. Being four hours away from home was a first for me. But I made many great friends and met so many amazing people. What struck me most was the eclectic mix of people and how those people managed to cross social barriers and accept one another.


I did things at Lakeland that I never thought I would do. I joined a sorority--thank you Phi Delts for the wonderful moonlit walks! I sang in the choir and traveled across the country: I quickly learned how to sleep anywhere I lay my head. I met a wonderful group of people who began as "apples" during orientation and later became life-long friends.


Most of all, I learned about the people. Thank you to all of the professors who cared enough to teach the real meaning of life. I've used all that I learned about humanity in my work with children in Madison, from helping teenage girls at Coventry House group home to caring for children at the Respite Center so struggling families can make better lives for themselves.


I would not be where I am today if not for my experiences at Lakeland.

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