Floyd R. Henschel '60

For Lakeland College musicians taking band and choral tours were well known and enjoyed by many. In the early 1960s, while teaching in Edgerton (WI.), the Lakeland College band came to town and played a concert in the high school gymnasium. As teachers we were "crowd control" and my duty was the main entrance to the gym to help people arriving late. Much to my surprise, after a few numbers had been played, Director Eddie Thiessen announced, "The next number will be directed by Lakeland College graduate Floyd Henschel." Not really knowing what to do, since I was not a music major, I finally walked toward the band to receive the baton from Prof Thiessen and do my best at directing!! Well, when I reached for the baton, Prof said, "I'm only kidding!" So with much embarrassment, I turned around and walked back to my post for the rest of the concert...never forgetting the incident!!

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