Rev. Glenn Coleman '49

It was in the 1940's that we had the radio program on Sheboygan station WHBL with various weekly half-hour programs titled “The Voice of the Campus." The speech department under Professor Kraus did drama reports, sports and a Barbershop-type quartet. Eugene Jaberg had contact with the station in his part-time job. Mission House College was promoted in all facets. It was a rewarding experience and I learned a lot about timing from the big clock on the studio wall.

Our class of MHS 1952 all continued in local church ministry. Many served the UCC and one served an independent church. We had all been together from the fall of 1945 to graduation in 1952. Four of us, out of the 12 who entered the seminary from Mission House College in 1949, remain. We have maintained contact via a semi-annual class letter over these 60 years.

Some influential people from my college days include Dean Ley, librarian Hilda Ernst, business manager Bob Tempas, custodians John Hinz and George Roseman, dietitian Mrs. Jay, President Dr. Grosshuesch and Dr. Joseph Bauer. They were all saints in their capacity and examples of the Christian faith in action.


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