Barbara "Pogo" (Meyer) Miller

I came to Lakeland not knowing what to expect. I knew I was really far from home and not in Ohio anymore. After a short time it felt like home...friends, people who actually knew your name, and the begining of a new adventure. I am glad to say that 43 years later I am still begining new adventures and I believe that Lakeland prepared me for that. I graduated in 1973, with a BA in Sociology and have been in the field ever since. Lakeland gave me a great foundation of knowledge and caring that I will always be grateful for. I loved my sorority, Rev. Schmitt, (Frieda in the kitchen), Mrs Kaye (our dorm mother), sneaking in after hours, Sigmas, the view from my room at Krueger that seemed like you could touch the stars, spring when the snow was finally gone, Winterim with so few people there it was really a private college and last but certainly not least my dear friends who have stuck by me through the years. One more thing, I have three children that were born because of Lakeland: Helena, a nurse at Childrens Hospital in Pittsburgh; Liam, a teacher and football coach; and Louis; hazardous waste technician and farmer. Good contributing members of society. I am blessed to have come to Lakeland and blessed to be part of the legacy!!

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