In Memory of Al Barz '50

Al, the Actor

The late Al Barz '50, friend of many of us, was an outstanding actor who appeared in many campus player roles. One of those was the lead in The Little Minister, a role perfect for diminutive Al. He was playing opposite Phyllis (Schruers) Meier. They had two similar scenes in which they conversed on the center-stage in the first! I can remember their feverish backstage reconstruction. Somehow they were able to get the proper information to the audience and we got through the performance. (Al was also the stage manager in Our Town, a role he performed many times as he returned to his Iowa home.)

Eugene Jaberg '48

An All-American and Al

Al was a backup guard--and a good dribbler. He was fast. Al said that the greatest thrill he had as a Muskie came when we were scrimmaging the Sheboygan Redskins. Al was matched up against All-American Johnny Katz--he stood 6'6" or more and weighed at least 230--and Al tied him up. What a matchup for the jump ball! Al, with his 5' plus height, was crouched down waiting for the toss up. He looked way up to Katz, whereupon Johnny took the ball from the ref, handed it to Al and said, "Here kid, take the ball."

Rev. Carl Mohr '49

That same year, the Sheboygan Redskins were preparing to compete for the national professional basketball championship and the scrimmage was important for them. Our Muskie squad held these professionals to a 24-25 score at the end of the first quarter. Let's not mention the final score.

Rev. Dr. Carroll Olm '46 '86


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