Brian Gensch '00

After graduating from Lakeshore Technical College, I came to Lakeland to pursue a Bachelor's in Accounting. The small class environment and the obvious display of caring by my instructors had a great influence on me.  The fact that my professors sincerely cared about my education motivated me to advance in my career. I started out working for Kohler Company for 5 years and moved on to ACUITY, where I have been for 8 years as a Senior Staff Accountant. When I realized that I needed a CPA license to advance my career,  I took Lakeland's CPA Review Course and eventually earned my license. That was the most daunting mental challenge I ever took on. The instructors of the review course were of great help in keeping me encouraged, especially at times when I just wanted to throw in the towel. Now I am continuing my educational path by pursuing a Master's in Business Administration with an Accounting concentration. I continue to be  impressed by the upstanding education I am still receiving. As I pursue further education and continue to  advance in my career path, I am also involved in community service. I am currently a Co-VP of Events for Coastal Connections and an Individual Development Director for the Sheboygan Jaycees. In both positions, I organize social and educational events for members and the general public. Both pursuing a Master's degree at Lakeland and performing in these community service positions helps me to develop my leadership and other valuable professional skills. I will always highly recommend Lakeland College to anyone pursuing higher education.

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