Basketball Memories from Carroll J. Olm '46

Basketball Team Sleeping in Jail

Coach Kregel was special. We never did figure out why we called him "Schnapsie!" But riding with Coach in his Studebaker car was scary many times. Sometimes we wondered if we would get to the game on time or not. Gosh, but those were different days compared to today.

The night we basketball guys spent trying to sleep in the Racine jail was an unforgettable experience. The snowstorm that night was historic and unprecedented in severity and there was absolutely no other place for us to lodge. About midnight, the jailer came around and asked if anyone wanted a blanket. It was very hot in the cells at that time and many of us just refused the offer. Then they turned off the heat and we nearly froze to death!

The next day, we took the train to Milwaukee from Racine and got lodging at the YMCA. They put the whole team up on cots in a small gym. But that was better than the jail. Ruben (Grosshuesch) and Kregel took the train back to Racine to get the cars and eventually we got back on campus. And all that while Ernie Lauer '44 was busy getting married and we had to miss the wedding!

Rev. Dr. Carroll Olm '46 '86


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