Roy Evans '69

I remember being recruited to Lakeland out of North Division High School by Moose Woltzen (who remains one of my all-time favorite people) to play football and basketball. I believe that I, Jimmy Jones and Warren Young were the first African-American athletes to play football at Lakeland College. Nevertheless, 1968 was a very interesting period culturally, socially and academically. I played two years before dropping out and getting married. I worked and eventually returned to school and received a BA in English from Dominican College (71), MS (Education)  from UWM (76) and  a law degree (JD) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (79). I have been in the private practice of law for 32 years and married 43 years. I have served on numerous boards and have received too many honors to name. I remain active in the Milwaukee community. We have two daughters, a son (Roi) who attended and graduated from Lakeland, and three grandchildren. I have stayed in touch with the college and taught in the Urban Teacher Outreach program. I am a honorary member of the Beta Sigma Omega fraternity and have participated in other events, including Blasters and Homecoming. Lakeland was, and continues to be, a great experience. It gave me an early foundation and opportunity to experience life in a unique setting during a unique time in our history. There are a lot of good memories and I've met lots of good people in the process. I am happy that the college has continued to grow.

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